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Borrowing Materials Policy

Borrowing Materials Policy

Library Materials

The Franklin Township Library has a variety of materials for patrons. 

Patrons must have their library card (physical or digital) or a current ID to borrow materials.

There is no limit to the amount of materials a patron may check out with exceptions described in 3.b Special Material Guidelines.

Materials can be checked out for two weeks (14 days) with two renewals if no other patron has requested the item. Fines are ten cents (10¢) per day up to a maximum of $5.00 per item. Exceptions to these rules are explained below in 3.b Special Material Guidelines.

Special Material Guidelines

Some materials have different guidelines for borrowing described below.


Current issues of magazines may not be borrowed but can be read in the library.

Museum Passes

Franklin Township Library adult cardholders (ages 18 years and older) in good standing with the library may check out a museum pass for four (4) days. Good standing means the patron owes less than $5.00 on their library account. Patrons must use their own library card to check out a pass, have photo identification, and MUST be present to sign the borrowing agreement. Only one pass can be checked out per patron or family at a time. Additionally, museum passes are not transferable during the checkout period and may not be borrowed by other LOGIN library cardholders.

Passes are on a first come, first served basis. Passes may not be placed on hold or placed on a waiting list.

The library reserves the right to limit the number of times that cardholders may borrow passes due to demand and availability.

Museum passes must be returned to the checkout desk at the Franklin Township Library. Passes may not be returned to any other library in the LOGIN consortium. Passes returned to other LOGIN libraries will be considered late from the date the pass is checked back into the system. Passes cannot be returned to the outside book return box and must be returned in the case that was supplied when the pass was checked out along with any information included in the case.

Cardholders will be charged the full cost of a replacement pass if the pass is lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed. The cost of the pass varies by museum. Additionally, there will be a $5.00 fee for losing or damaging the case. If a pass is not returned within seven (7) days of its due date, it will be considered lost and the borrower will be charged for the full replacement cost of the pass, as well as the $10.00 per day late fee.


Materials may be renewed in-person, on the phone, through the online catalog, or in the LOGIN app. Items cannot be renewed if there is a pending hold. If a patron would like an item after their two renewals, they can bring the item in to the library and speak with a staff member. Museum passes cannot be renewed.


Patrons may place library materials on hold in-person at the library, on the phone, through the online catalog, or in the LOGIN app. The library will notify patrons when materials are available either by phone, e-mail, or text notice.

Materials are held for one (1) week (7 days), except new items, which are only held for three (3) days.


All library materials except museum passes may be returned to the outdoor bookdrop slot next to the library’s entrance. Items returned after closing and before 9:30am are considered returned the previous day. Patrons should not put book donations or fine money inside the bookdrop.

LOGIN Materials

The Franklin Township Library is part of the LOGIN consortium that includes libraries in Gloucester, Cumberland, and Salem counties. Our patrons may request items from these libraries and use their library card to check out material at other libraries. Materials from LOGIN Consortium libraries follow the circulation and borrowing policies of those libraries and patrons will be responsible for following these guidelines, including loan times, renewals, and overdue fines charged.

Interlibrary Loan

If patrons are unable to find materials at the Franklin Township Library or within the LOGIN consortia, they may request them by filling out an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) form. Patrons may request up to four (4) items at a time. Staff will attempt to find the items at another New Jersey library and request items be sent to Franklin Township for our patrons to borrow.

Interlibrary loan materials are checked out for two (2) weeks and patrons may renew items two (2) times.

Patrons are notified by phone, e-mail, or text when an ILL material arrives. Items are held for one week (7 days). If the item is not picked up, staff will send the material back to the lending library. Patrons may not be allowed to request ILLs if they consistently do not pick up requests.

Overdue Notices

It is the responsibility of all patrons to return their borrowed materials by the due date. If items are not returned, the library will notify patrons as follows:

  • The first notice is by phone when materials are two (2) weeks overdue.
  • A second written notice is mailed four (4) weeks after the first phone notice, which is six (6) weeks after the overdue date.
  • A third notice is mailed four (4) weeks after the second written notice, which is ten (10) weeks after the overdue date. This notice includes the replacement cost of the materials. 
  • Materials will be billed to the patron four (4) weeks after the third notice, which is fourteen (14) weeks after the overdue date.


There is a two (2) day grace period after the due date for all materials except museum passes and DVDs. Patrons cannot check out items after they have accrued over $5.00 in fines or other fees on their library card. Book donations will not be accepted in lieu of fines.

Lost or Damaged Items

Patrons who have lost or damaged library materials are charged a replacement fee that includes the cost of the item and a $1.00 processing fee. Replacement copies purchased by patrons will not be accepted in lieu of the replacement fees. If a patron returns an item that has been declared lost and the item is in good condition, the patron will only be responsible for paying late fines for the item.

Patrons may be charged for damage or loss of part of a library material, listed below.

  • Damaged DVD/ CD case $1.00
  • Damaged/ Missing barcode/ book cover $1.00
  • Damaged audiobook case $5.00
  • Lost audiobook disc $5.00

If a patron pays the replacement fee and finds the item, the library will not issue a refund and the patron may keep the item. Patrons who pay for damaged items may ask to keep the item.

Approved 6/22/23

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